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  • We provide onsite Antigen or PCR testing for your workplace.

  • Sampling is performed by our staff, as well as a declaration of health on the same day.

  • Business trips? We issue travel certificates to various countries.

What needs do we cover?

  • Fewer sick days among your employees

  • Lower the risk of infection spreading

  • Secure meetings, travel and conferences

  • Exclusion in case of COVID-19 symptoms

  • Travel certificates to all countries

  • Advice on current restrictions

  • Mobile care providers

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Dr. Svar is comitted to facilitate both PCR as well as Antigen testing at your office premises. 
To maintain an infection free workplace is the call of the day.


Dr. Svar can conduct workplace sampling for diagnosing Covid infection. 

Furthermore, we understand that some executives have to take up important business trips and  are in urgent need of Covid negative certificates. We conduct the testing and share with you the certificate results within short TAT.